Visual Verse

I’ll admit it: I was in a slump.  I wasn’t writing.  I felt frustrated.  And that contributed to even more not-writing.  I’ve been in this cycle more times than I can count.  So far I’ve learned that there are two ways out.  One: wait for the muse of inspiration to descend, though she is a fickle creature and frequently tardy.  Two: write my way through.  And that’s where journals like Visual Verse are so useful.

visual_verse_logoEvery month they provide a new picture.  It is up to you to write something in response to it in 50-500 words.  The real challenge is in the time limit: you only have one hour.  This was difficult.  I like to write, re-write, labour over a piece until I’m satisfied, not just with every sentence, but with every word in every sentence.  My hour was up too quickly and I pressed submit a little unwillingly.  (You can read the result here.)  I then went on to revise the piece for another hour, just for my own peace of mind.  The thing wouldn’t let me go.

And since this small, 500-word challenge, I haven’t been able to stop writing.  Slump over!

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