Somebody else got there first

Iain Broome has just written the blog post that I always wanted to write.  And to read.  Heartening stuff for those of us struggling to find time to create something new while petty things like mortgage payments, work deadlines and children keep demanding our attention.  Here’s an excerpt:

Writers write. Bum in chair. 1000 words a day. If you’ve ever sought any kind of writing advice, especially from the internet, you’ll have heard these mantras a million times. I’m sick and tired of them.

First of all, how stupid are we supposed to be? Anyone who has any real interest in writing is keenly aware that the words don’t magically appear on the page. We also know that to write every day would likely lead to better work and a healthy routine.

As advice, these mantras are not only obvious, they are patronising and unhelpful. Writers are human beings with jobs to hold down, children to raise and a whole host of other life commitments.

But there’s hope:

I no longer wait until I’m at home and on computer before I get things done. Instead, I fill any natural gaps that might arise throughout the day. For example, most of my second novel so far has been written on my iPad mini in a coffee shop on my lunch break. And many link posts on this blog are found, read, arranged and published via my iPhone. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

It’s not ideal.  And it’s not easy.  But it’s the way things are.  It’s encouraging to read about other writers facing the same challenges.  It makes me feel like writing something creative longer than the ingredients list of a cereal box is not such an impossible task after all.

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