VIDA counts and continents beginning with A

Inspired by VIDA, I thought I would make my own count of the female writers published by Circa in all the issues so far.

In the first issue, the numbers are very encouraging.  Six out the seven contributors are women.  Then things change rather starkly.  The second issue had only three out of ten female contributors.  And in the most recent issue, five out of twelve are women.

What does this mean?  I’m not really sure.  The numbers of submissions have been steadily increasing since that first issue and while I haven’t been noting how many are by women, my impression (admittedly not a fool proof standard) is that the majority, by a slight margin, are male.  While I’m not going to insist each issue has both genders equally represented, I would love to see more from any female submitters out there.

Another trend that has become very clear, in both the slush pile and in the stories accepted for publication, is a strong bias toward fiction based in Western Europe and North America.  Circa is a Canadian publication, first and foremost, and we love to see historical fiction set in Canada (or Rupert’s Land, New France, Kanata, or that nameless pre-historic landmass).  But I know there are fascinating stories from Asia, Australia, Africa and elsewhere that we would love to read.  We want stories from around the world, even if they aren’t from a continent starting with A.

Check the Submissions page for info on how to submit.  Oh, and tell your friends, colleagues, classmates, writing circles, as well.

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